With his new album Nectar Joji set a path to mainstream music. How is it received?

Nectar Album cover

The 28 year old just released his new album Nectar and it is a big difference to his previous work.

In april the Australian-Japanese artist gave fans a taste by including single “Gimme Love” with his album announcement. The anticipation for Joji’s next era is backed by the fact the “Gimme Love” music video has amassed over 1.9 million views in under 12 hours.

The year 2020 has paralyzed the world and changed everyone’s priorities in life and view on the society. Joji’s new album Nectar is a much needed distraction from reality and offers 18 tracks with a surprising amount of different genres.

From the music video of Tick Tock

Nectar is an album full of rich sounds and different influences that proofs how well R&B and alt-pop can mix together, Nectar is the sort of album you’d want to bump late night for a serious mood.

For his second album, Joji has built up a strong list of collaborators. From Diplo (‘Daylight) to BENEE (‘Afterthought’) and Omar Apollo (‘High Hopes’), not to mention Kenny Beats, Justin Parker and Australian songwriting force Sarah Aarons on production and writing duties at various points of the album, Nectar has got substance in spades.

He injects authenticity throughout and is unafraid of leaving himself vulnerable on songs like ‘Run’ and album opener, ‘Ew’.

‘Like you do’ is often compared to his biggest hit ‘Slowdancing in the dark’. It finds Joji reflecting on a relationship through an emotional piano ballad. He sings about how his and his partner’s dreams are leading them in different directions, and will inevitably end things between. Joji is powerlessly in love with her, and without her, he feels incomplete.

Although most of Joji’s fans love his abiliy (cameleon like) to change to different genres, it seems not every fans is happy with that change. Some fans would prefer for Joji to stick to the Lo-Fi sound and in some’s opinion the songs of the Chloe Burbank project sounded more authentic. But this is definitely an opinion of the minority.

Joji is indeed trying to experiment with new things in order to reach to a wider audience and it would seem his talents would go to waste by just sticking to his old style and never go further. Other artist such as The Weeknd have made a crossover from the indie space to mainstream commercial success and has become one of the most popular artists in the world.

Joji’s livestream show Extravaganza

Joji has recently anounced to hold a unique livestream event “Extravaganza” which will air globally on October 23. Since it’s impossible for artists to go on tour this year, this seems like a great opportunity for Joji to still fulfill his role as an artists. The show is directed by Joji himself and will surely be full of unexpected events, surprising acts and beautiful music, all orchestrated from Joji’s unique and crazy mind.

Tickets are available at www.jojiextravaganza.com

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