Villain The Kidd releases new single “BAD FOR ME’ featuring NWMN

Villain The Kidd is an upcoming artist from Colton, California, making music in various styles from Emo Trap to Alternative/Pop Punk. His latest single, BAD FOR ME featuring NWMN is available on streaming platforms now.

“This song creates the essence of toxicity through a relationship and how we tend to lose our true selves when we let others control it,” the artist says.

“I was in a bad engagement with this one girl who messed me up royally and literally ruined love for me in all sorts of ways. She broke trust, loyalty, and she even changed my persona where till this day my family don’t even recognize me anymore, the moral of the story if it’s real.. you shouldn’t have to change then.”

Villain The Kidd cites Juice WRLD as his biggest musical influence.

“I would say ima a very versatile artist one day I’ll be recording and it’ll have that Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd, Post Malone feel, then other days I’ll make a track completely different sounding similar to iann dior, MGK, and early 2000’s pop punk rock vibes all the greats you know them Linkin Park, Blink 182, Sum 41, and trapt/Three Days Grace but overall I’m a very talented guy. Not only do I just record bangers through the melodic rap style, I play guitar, drums, piano, bass, sing, and I’m learning how to produce music/audio engineer.”

Villain has also fell on tough times in the past couple of years, using that pain and emotion in his music that allows his listeners to connect emotionally to his music.

“Honestly, I feel I’m on the right path on how far I’ve come in just two years.. I recently lost my father and grandfather back to back due to Covid so that set my mental in a dark critical space where I just fell into a very long black road that was just spiraling down fast, I fell into drugs, alcohol, illegal substances, The Whole shabang you know? But I don’t want to kill myself and I also don’t want to condone drugs to the younger youth when I vent it out on the mic.. that’s the only time I find peace and clarity. I’m not the only one that deals with this real life shit in this world and that’s why I make music for the ones that hold it to themselves and I just hope I can be a voice for the broken that don’t have the guts to say how they feel I wanna be that light for them.. make a change to the WRLD with the 777 gang.”

Listen to Villain the Kidd’s new single BAD FOR ME featuring NWMN on Apple Music and other streaming platforms now!

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