Tips for New Artists: How to Grow Your Audience Organically

So you’ve just released a new single or your debut album, but you aren’t entirely sure how to reach new listeners. The most important work (making music) is finished, but you’re unsure how to promote your music to a larger audience and rise above the rest in your genre. Below are the most cost-efficient as well as effective marketing strategies that you can use to promote your music, and grow the audience you’ve always wanted.

1. Submit Your Music to Blogs/Publications

Here at My Music Reviews, we pride ourselves in being a positive gateway between artists and listeners. But there are also many other websites and blogs you can submit to that have more specific and targeted audiences. For example, if you are a Jazz artist, it would be wise to submit your music to a Jazz music blog! The two websites we recommend for finding places to submit are Share PRO and SubmitHub.

Share PRO (Music Submissions)

Once you sign-up free, you’ll be able to select from professional tastemakers to share your music with. They listen or you don’t pay. There are hundreds of different blogs, radio stations, and music pros to submit to. (Including us!)

Before submitting, make sure to explore more about the tastemakers your submitting to, and make sure your music fits with the type of content they post. For Discount, Use Referral Code: 1029779

SubmitHub (Music Submissions)

With SubmitHub you can:

  • Submit songs to curators
  • Get your song rated by fellow artists
  • Chat with others in the music industry

2. Kickstart Your Social Media Following

It’s typically difficult for anyone to start a following on social media. Listeners often discredit those who have a small following, before even listening to their music!

And yes- everyone knows that guy in the Instagram comments claiming to be the next Tupac (Don’t be that guy)

Instead, here are some of the strategies that have helped artists we’ve worked with grow their following.

Like4Like (Social Media Exchange)

Like4Like isn’t a site where you pay for fake likes and engagement. It is a platform that allows users to exchange follows from one person to another, so everybody can grow collectively!

Options range from SoundCloud likes, follows, and listens, to Reverbnation fans, YouTube subscribers, from real people.

Canva (Graphic Design)

Designing posts to advertise your music can sometimes be very time consuming or even costly. Canva is a free online tool that is extremely easy to use, you can create professional looking posts to promote your music, or even create your album’s cover! All of our Instagram posts are created using Canva, and we highly recommend giving it a try.

3. Take Advantage of our Music Promotion Services

We offer many great music promotion options at great value, and you can submit to us within a few clicks! Head over to the Music Promotion page for more information!

Social Media Promotion ($10.00)

A Social Media promotion will:

  • Get you new followers on Social Media.
  • Get you streams on all platforms. (We have thousands of followers that use platforms other than Spotify/Apple Music)
  • Get you a promotional ad to post to your social media pages. (A download link will be sent to you)
  • Excite your listeners and encourage them to stream your music.

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