Taylor Swift’s most authentic album yet: folklore

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I just couldn’t help but love this album on my first listen. On “folklore” Taylor threw away the pop album formula and I’m so happy she did. This pop, alternative, folk, indie country fusion sounds so right for Taylor. Her voice is so soothing and fits so well over her simple guitar melodies. This sound works so well for Taylor. If you like her stripped back live performances, you will LOVE this album! 

At the 2019 Women In Music awards Taylor was praising Lana Del Rey for being one of the most influential artists of the last decade. On this album I can see how Lana May have influenced Taylor. Not that Taylor directly copied anything from Lana, but I think Lana’s success with an album like “Norman Fucking Rockwell” may have shown Taylor how far being true to herself and her artistry could take her. 

This is Taylor Swift’s most stripped back album. Taylor shows that she doesn’t need big promotion or a few big superficial pop song to make an amazing album. This is no hate to Taylor either, I love Taylor’s music as much as the next music nerd. I just can’t help but feel that a song like “ME!” shouldn’t have even been on an album like Lover. Songs meant to be big radio hits usually end up being a bit underwhelming in my opinion. Hearing one of the biggest pop stars in the world putting out an album that wasn’t meant to be a radio hit makes me so excited to see what else will come from pop music in the next few years. Speaking of Lover, this album sounds like Lover’s more mature older sister. “folklore” is very different from the typical big pop album but I could see how Taylor was starting to move towards this sound on “Lover” with songs like “Soon You’ll get better” and “The Archer”. We are hearing Taylor’s sound evolving with each release. Also the Bon Iver feature worked so well on here! This is an awesome album and I’d definitely recommend it.

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