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Cleopatrick Music Quiz

The new Cleopatrick music quiz, updated with their latest album ‘DOOM’!

Cleopatrick Music Quiz

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Cleopatrick Music Quiz
Cleopatrick Music Quiz

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Questions List:

  • What is the title of cleopatrick’s debut album?
  • Where is cleopatrick from?
  • What was the lead single off “DOOM”?
  • What is cleopatrick’s record label called?
  • What is the title of cleopatricks debut EP?
  • What was the lead single off “BUMMER”?
  • What is cleopatrick’s only non-album single titled?
  • What is the title of cleopatrick’s debut single?


  • Cleopatrick has 1 studio album, titled BUMMER.
  • Cleopatrick is from Ontario.
  • The title of the lead single off ‘DOOM’ is 2 letters long.

Those are all the hints you get! Good luck on the Cleopatrick quiz!

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Cleopatrick Quiz


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