South Georgia rapper Deranged the Insane talks about his projects and influences

Deranged the Insane is a rapper currently serving in the military from South Georgia, residing in Virginia Beach. His latest album, The Love Vibes is available on streaming platforms now.

“I’ve been rapping since I was a teenager and I’m here to prove no matter your age as long as you can move a crowd and keep them hype, why not keep it going,” the artist says.

Earlier in the year, Deranged released ‘Time to Get Deranged Vol.2’ on New Years Day.

Time to Get Deranged Vol. 2 Album Cover

“I wanted people to know in ‘Time to Get Deranged Vol. 2’ a little of who Deranged the Insane is and show that I can flow to anything and give you a different type of hype throughout the album.”

Only a month later, he released a new album titled ‘The Love Vibes’.

“On ‘The Love Vibes’ album I knew Valentine’s Day was coming up and I wanted to do an album for all my lovers out there and to show that I can also do songs that can set the mood right.”

Deranged the Insane cites LL Cool J, Ludacris, Nas, Eminem, Jodeci, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few, as his biggest inspirations and influences on his music.

The Love Vibes Album Cover

“I want to be well known. I don’t care if my music doesn’t blow up too high but I do want my music to be widely known and I just hope people enjoy my music and know that I put my all in my music and do it so people can hear a different sound.”

Listen to Deranged the Insanes’s latest album The Love Vibes on Apple Music and other streaming platforms now!

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