New Reviews: SC4REAL, Stuart Lisbie, Ali Don, and K Davis The Hitman

21st Floor – SC4REAL

21st Floor by SC4REAL

Genre: Rap

The producer/artist with versatility and style arrived on the scene with his mixtape entitled Shock Combat HD. With amazing beats and crafty lyrical content the project was able to receive over half a million plays on SoundCloud. The South Carolina native is what you call the perfect blend of the down South and the East coast music. With no concerns of fitting in,SC4Real brings his own style of music with confidence and a high level of cool.

Review: 3/5

Can’t Keep My Distance – Stuart Lisbie

Can't Keep My Distance by Stuart Lisbie

Genre: R&B

Stuart Lisbie’s latest release is the single Can’t Keep My Distance – available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. His amazing soulful voice has seen him work alongside Smiley Culture, perform at 10 Downing Street and tour internationally.

Review: 4/5

Love The Way I Walk – Ali Don

Love The Way I Walk by Ali Don

Genre: Rap

2020 was the music debut of Ali Don, rap artist and native of California. She picked up momentum after arriving in Denver, CO and teaming up with long time friends who featured on Christian rap song Love The Way I Walk. The controversy has people talking as Ali Don’s first two releases Royal P Interlude and Red Light, a ladies anthem is suitable for any venue where scantily clad women can make money moves. On top of that, the masters degree holding psychologist and broadcaster is an advocate for artists to promote mental health, heal performance anxiety, and create beneficial deals for career success. Ali Don is showing aspiring artists how to get things done by making beats and publishing music with her indie label Ali Don Inc Music.

Review: 3/5

Tha Diamond – K Davis The Hitman

Tha Diamond by K Davis The Hitman

Genre: Rap

K Davis the Hitman (formally known as Mansone Batez) Is an American rapper from the Bronx, New York. With a solid fan base in the underground hip-hop community, K Davis is known for his lyrical storytelling and passionate grit infused delivery. Doug E. Fresh, hip-hop pioneer and legend, has served as uncle and mentor, inspiring K Davis throughout his career. Fresh describes his nephew as an “incredible lyrical talent and showman with a style that has evolved but stayed true to the essence hip-hop.”

Review: 3/5

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