Music Review – Something to Believe In by Future Radio

Something to Believe In by Future Radio
Something to Believe In by Future Radio

Track name – Something to Believe in

Genre – Rock

Band name – Future Radio

Band members –

  • Songwriter,vocalist and guitarist: Johnny Future
  • Guitarist and visual artist: Drikus Roets

Release year – 2022

Riding on the back of a successful 2021, Future Radio is kicking off the new year with a banger titled, “Something To Believe In”. This fast-paced rock track centres around the theme of Identity, which is also the title of their second studio album releasing later this year.

This track begins with a hard-hitting drum intro that sets the tone for what would be an exceptional track in every sense of the word. With an energy that can be felt beyond the speakers/airpods/headphones and catchy melodies that will have you singing along to every word this track has it all.

Johnny Future’s vocals on this track was as edgy and powerful as they come. I was impressed with his pitch range and how strong and passionate his vocals were throughout the track.

On this track the lyrics were thought provoking as they told a story revolving around having an identity crisis that has one questioning what the truth/reality really is. These are lyrics the listeners can relate to in one way or the other – the feelings of being lost without a true purpose, feelings of doubt, questioning our existence and identity. This lyrics truly captured message of the fundamental idea of identity the band wanted to pass across.

The instrumentation couldn’t have been more perfect though I would have appreciated if it had a more grittier tone to it to really sell the melancholy. But nonetheless, the instrumentals were rich and balanced out the vocals of Johnny and added to the atmosphere of tension and urgency the band sought to create.

It’ll be impossible to find fault with this track, the band took care of business at all fronts from the vocals, instrumentals, production quality and lyrics. Trust me if you’re a hard rock fan you’ll agree with me that this is a band to follow and listen to – this was my first introduction to the band and I am already hooked. If you need me I’ll be blasting this track as I take a late night drive out for no reason. This is one of those songs I would love to see them perform live as it would make for a quality performance.

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Review Score ; 5/5

Favorite quote;

Give me something to believe in
Something worth fighting for
Worth dying for

About the band

Brazen rock outfit, Future Radio, formed and released their debut album, Freedom, in 2020.
The South Africa based duo consists of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist,Johnny Future as well as guitarist and visual artist,
Drikus Roets. They cultivate their signature sound by fusing elements of alternative rock, riff rock and punk rock into – what they like to refer to as – future rock. Uncommon to other rock acts, this forward-thinking band placesstrong emphasis on visual storytelling.

Each song releases as an episode complete with visuals and narratives which forms part of a season. With their music amassing over numerous platforms, their vision resonated
with both listeners and industry tastemakers alike. Their songs caught the attention of various international stations, receiving rave reviews from music critics across the world.

Their first single “Fire with Fire” was featured on Apple Music “New in Rock” playlist and their second single “Run
baby, Run” playlisted on Apple Music “The New Rock” playlist. As an extension of their debut release, they recorded three cover songs that formed part of, what they call, the Freedom series. Their well-received cover of The Cranberries, Zombie, charted on the South African Top 40 (mix FM) and reached number 8.

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