Mini Mongo Review: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kayne West

Kanye is a musical genius and this is him at the height of his career. His features were well picked and all served their purpose on this album. Among these features we saw the well established Jay Z as well as the newcomer at the time Nicki Minaj. While on some albums the featured artists may feel pointless, it seems like everybody who was on this album was there for a reason. Kanye’s production is phenomenal. His samples are diverse but all fit in to the album so well. Most importantly, Kanye can make you feel things with his music. “Devil in a New Dress”, for instance, is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. The beat is so loving and comforting, but the lyrics tell a less desirable story. “Runaway” is also an amazing song and extremely iconic right from the start. If you haven’t listened to this album I would highly recommend it!

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