Mini Mongo Review: 4 by Beyonce

“4” is Beyonce’s fourth studio album. For this album, Beyonce decided to incorporate a variety of musical influences in to her sound. She mixed r&b with 70’s pop and rock to make the amazing album we know as “4”.

She’s so good at elaborating on what love is and how powerful it is. On a song like “Love on Top” for instance, the later half of the song is Beyonce repeatedly professing her love. presumably for Jay Z. With the key changes intensifying after each time she repeats this, we can feel how much she means what she’s singing more and more. I think we all knew Beyonce has a phenomenal voice, but she took it to a different level on this song.

On “Schoolin’ Life”, Beyonce makes a timeless upbeat song. She starts the song by singing directly to people at multiple different stages of life. Whether she’s speaking to people in their 20’s or in their 50’s, Beyonce is giving us nothing but positivity. The song manages to be both nostalgic and inspirational.

While the last two songs I mentioned from the album are upbeat pop bangers, “Dance for You” is much more intimate. She sings about wanting to dance for her partner and how much her partner means to her. Beyonce really takes love songs to a whole other level.

These are only a few of the stand out tracks on the album. “1 + 1”, “Countdown”, “Party” and many other songs make this album and extremely rare experience. Beyonce offers so much on this album. Her ability to make listeners feel a plethora of emotions from one body of work while still making it a fun pop album shows how talented she is as an artist. There isn’t a single filler track on this album either. I would highly recommend this album in case you haven’t listened to it yet!

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