JOJI Drops Highly-Anticipated Single “Daylight” with DJ/Producer DIPLO

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After several leaks, the highly-anticipated single Daylight finally drops, making it available on different music and video platforms.

Source: Joe Larkin

The Japanese-Australian master of various mediums, JOJI collaborates for the first time with the superstar DJ and Producer Diplo.

In the accompanied MV directed by Munachi Osegbu, Joji and Diplo plays the roles of PAs in a seemingly 90’s themed music video production. The duo fails their tasks miserably and is seen to be in conflict with the set’s director. Both comically ends up reigning a mild havoc by crashing the music video and taking the lead roles. At the end clip, we get to see a continuation of what happened to Joji’s character on “Gimme Love” after hijacking a spaceship and crashing it. Joji is seen alone in a Mars-like planet with a tent as his only shelter and a few other devices. He plants a seed and sat down awaiting for the unknown.   

The two minute and forty-three second song is a fresh jump from Joji’s usual genre and opens up more possible future collaboration with the American DJ Diplo. This leaves fans from both artists anticipating for more future works together.

Here are some notable scenes from the music video:

The production team behind the music video:

Production Company: Sinners & Saints Production | Executive Producers: Heather Heller, Jesse Chorng | Directed by: Munachi Osegbu | Head of Production: Kevin McMahon | Producers: Collin Druz | Production Manager: Elisabeth Makitalo | 1st AD: Sean Taylor | VFX | Artist: Paiton Herbert | DP: Crash | Production Designer: Haley Bowman | Art Director: Marie Marchant | Editor: Miles Trahan

Watch and stream Daylight now!

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