Interview with Wokhardcb

Interview with Wokhardcb

Here’s our interview with Wokhardcb. Wokhardcb is a 17 year old hip hop artist.

What’s your favorite part about making music? What are your goals within the music industry?: “My favorite part about making music is about how I express myself through it. I get a lot off my chest by it it’s mostly just a getaway for me. My goal in the Industry to be the greatest change the rap game he’ll a lot off people out and give back and have fun.”

Which artists have had an influence on your music? Who’s music would you compare yours to?: “Mostly splurge, xxxtentacion . I could never compare my music to anyone because I got everything on my own flow, lyrics, all of that.”

What are you working on right now? What should readers go listen to?: “I’m working in another album right now it 50%done but it takes time to make something great. they should go listen to the Wokc!ty album that’s dropping tonight really really some heat and my social media insta: Wokhardcb snap: cbostic43”

Thanks for reading our interview with Wokhardcb! Make sure to check out his music.

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