Interview with Meech

Meech is an 18 year old artist.

What’s your favorite part about making music? What are your goals within the music industry?
“My favorite part is the feeling when the music all comes together and you finish something you can be proud of.”

Which artists have had an influence on your music? Who’s music would you compare yours to?
“The biggest inspirations to me are Kanye, Travis, Rocky, Carti, and Young Thug”

What are you working on right now? What should readers go listen to? Where can they find you on social media?
“I’m working on this crazy project right now, coming in July all i can say is be ready to be lifted from your fucking feet, Everyone should go stream “Phantom: Sound You Can See” my 1st project and you can find me on Instagram @meechiesosaaa and twitter @jayden_tremayne

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