Interview with Kionya

Here’s our interview with Kionya. Kionya is a Hip-Hop artist from Springfield, Massachusetts.

What’s your favorite part about making music? What are your goals within the music industry?: “That you can be as creative as you want and express your self, I would like to be accepted by a label, or as a song writer, I write songs.”

Which artists have had an influence on your music? Who’s music would you compare yours to?: “Roxanne shante, big daddy Kane, I can’t think of anyone I have my own unique style.”

What are you working on right now? What should readers go listen to?: “I’m working on a nle chopper challenge, I’m working on a song and a rap project, I’m on Instagram @kiionya is the username, I also have a song that is going to be on a tv show, I have been asked to work with Steve Stone who is on six nines label, I will be working with a Grammy awarded producer on a song.”

Thanks for reading our interview with Kionya! Make sure to check out their music.

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