Interview with Jakob Drummond

Here’s our interview with Jakob Drummond. Jakob Drummond is a 25 year old Post-Punk/Alternative Folk artist from Northern California.

What’s your favorite part about making music? What are your goals within the music industry?: “I’d have to say that my favorite part about making music has been being able to look back at my previous releases and see growth. It’s a very exciting feeling to actually “hear” the slow manifestation of what would later on become my sound. My songwriting process has changed dramatically since I began producing and dedicating myself to the craft. Although I’m still no expert, I’ve moved far away from recording single acoustic tracks and one-take vocals in favor of a more full, experimental sound. My goals within the music industry are pretty relaxed. I just want to be able to do something I love for a long time, tour, and eventually retire into a position as a full-time session musician. I’ve always thought being a “real” audio engineer would be a lot of fun, too. Maybe we’ll get there someday.”

Which artists have had an influence on your music? Who’s music would you compare yours to?: “There’s so many artists that I’ve grew up listening to that I took bits and pieces from. Off the top of my head, I’d have to say David Bowie, Gogol Bordello, Depeche Mode, Richard Hawley, Lost Dog Street Band, and Amigo The Devil. My earlier music I’d compare with Amigo, Bridge City Sinners, and the Taxpayers. These days, I’d compare my music with an evil Richard Hawley or low-budget Depeche Mode.”

What are you working on right now? What should readers go listen to?: “Right now I’m working on promoting my newest single “Hannah” that hits streaming platforms everywhere on 7.23. Hannah is a dreamy, haunting ballad that tells the story of a man patiently awaiting death so that he can be re-united with his deceased wife and child – However, all is not what it seems.  Readers should (if they\’re interested) head over to to pre-save “Hannah”! From there, you can find all of my social links, videos, upcoming shows (if we ever have any again) and more. But, hey, I’m a sucker for Instagram. Give me a follow at @Poukepse and feel free to shoot me a message! I love meeting new people. Thanks for taking the time to interview me,! You rock.”

Thanks for reading our interview with Jakob Drummond! Make sure to check out his music.

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