Interview with Carnival of Light

Interview with Carnival of Light

Here’s our interview with Carnival of Light. Their EP “I’ll Be Whoever You Want Me To Be” is available now.

What’s your favorite part about making music? What are your goals within the music industry?: “We love creating pieces of work that people can enjoy. It feels incredible to know that something that you made, something that is truly yours and very personal, is making people smile or lightening their mood. It’s also a great way to express ourselves and try to send a message that some people may find relatable.”

What was the inspiration for your latest/upcoming song/album? : “Actually, at first we just gathered what we believed to be our best songs at the time. It wasn’t until we put the EP together that we realized that there’s a sort of emotional string that connects every song in the form of an emotional roller coaster. The Overthinking saga provides a lot of tension, intensified by the topics present in the songs that lead to the conclusion of the saga. All of that happens just to gain a sense of relief with the last song of the EP, Folks, which is very emotional and has a message that we think is very powerful, and that is “everything’s gonna be OK, even though you may not realize that now”..”

Which artists have had an influence on your music? Who’s music would you compare yours to?: “A lot of people, actually. The Beatles, Blur, The Residents, Arctic Monkeys, St Vincent, all of them provided a different source of inspiration in some way.”

What are you working on right now? What should readers go listen to?

“We’re working on a lot of things, the first being our next single, which is shaping up to be our best song (at least in our opinion). In the meantime, we’d love for them to check out the EP that we released a couple of months ago. It’s called “I’ll Be Whoever You Want Me To Be”

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