Get New Listeners & Monetize Music Videos on Musio

Musio (Part of the Hideout Network) is a great tool for artists trying to reach new listeners with their music video. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to sign up for an account, and post your music videos directly from YouTube to Musio to earn money and reach new listeners.

How Musio Works

Musio is a site similar to YouTube entire dedicated to music videos and music related videos. Viewers are rewarded in Gift Cards for watching videos on the website, and creators earn money from ads on their videos. They are constantly looking for new artists to post their videos on the website, and will pay you well to do so.

Signing Up to Be a Creator on Musio

After signing up, Click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Under “Upload” click “Sign Up” to apply. Simply enter the link to your artist YouTube channel and enter a description and submit!

Watch the Views Come In!

After your channel is approved, watch as the views come in! Musio will promote your video to new viewers, and viewers are highly incentivized to watch your videos! Follow us on Instagram @applemusicreviews and visit our other posts to learn more methods to promote your music!

Take Advantage of our Music Promotion Services

We offer many great music promotion options at great value, and you can submit to us within a few clicks! Head over to the Music Promotion page for more information!

Social Media Promotion ($10.00)

A Social Media promotion will:

  • Get you new followers on Social Media.
  • Get you streams on all platforms. (We have thousands of followers that use platforms other than Spotify/Apple Music)
  • Get you a promotional ad to post to your social media pages. (A download link will be sent to you)
  • Excite your listeners and encourage them to stream your music.

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