Exclusive interview with the amazing Danni aka Dancis of the Filth

I had the honor to meet the amazing, kind, creative genius, Danni who makes the most amazing Joji / Filthy Frank related art. Danni, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art with the world, I hope you make much more.

Never change. The world needs you.

Tell me something about yourself?

 I am Danni, I am a 27 years old, I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I’m very quiet and shy, so I would often express my thoughts through drawing things growing up. If I thought someone was cool or they were nice to me, I’d gift them a drawing to initiate friendship! There’s just something about people’s excited reactions when they see what I drew them – priceless, each time! I also love painting, working with clay and other materials (like pipe-cleaners to make dolls with). I love recreating scenes or people or characters that I like, if I strongly like something, I will draw it over and over. Now, Joji – I had just started dating my amazing fiancé in January 2016, and he showed me a Filthy Frank video. I was instantly filled with nostalgia about my friend’s antics in school (D&D club, Japanese club, LARP). I actually had no close friends until senior year, and The Filthy Frank Show reminded me of how wacky things would get at times.

I knew when I listened to /watched Fried Noodles that Joji was going somewhere. I just became so enthralled in the show, it was at that point my life had come together. My fiancé, I had just moved out of a bad situation I had been in for years… things were looking up. And they still are. As Joji moved from comedy to his music, I was only sad because I was worried he would disappear forever. But when he began releasing things like Window and omg everything after, I was still absolutely hooked. His representation of those more serious themes spoke to me, and PFFFT I love space and mythical creatures and magic and nature. I guess he is just my favorite person, and I don’t feel like I have to force myself to be on board with what he is doing. I love the new album, I could probably write a book about how much I like Joji’s work. My favorite thing is his authenticity and tenacity. He simply does what he does and stops for no one, and I believe that makes him a fantastic role model for people. I highly respect his.

Sometimes there are easter eggs hidden in Danni’s art. Slide through to see all her work!

Check out more art at : https://www.deviantart.com/dancisofthefilth

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