Epics talks about his latest project ‘Exxtra’d Out’

Epics is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist from Mesa, Arizona. His latest album, Extraa’d Out is available on streaming platforms now.

“Creating Exxtra’d Out was fun, the motivation for it was simply my love for the west coast so that was the vibe I was going for.,” the artist says.

“But he extended his hand. He extended his mercy. And step by step, shoulder to shoulder, we walked out of that valley together—and I left with a feeling of closeness to the Father I’ve never felt before. Looking back, I treasure those moments, and what I learned in that season. Because there are certain you learn in the darkness that you can never learn in the light.”

Epics cites Wiz Khalifa, Dolla, Dom Kennedy and Dj Quik as his biggest musical influences.

“My goals are keep growing as an artist keep growing my fan base. My growth is going to come from me staying motivated and working hard as an artist.”


Listen to Epics’ latest album Extraa’d Out on Apple Music and other streaming platforms now!

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