Carley Varley Releases Single, ‘Shore’

British indie pop singer songwriter, Carley Varley, began her musical journey of songwriting and playing guitar and piano at the age of 14. At 16 years of age, she was discovered busking in the small south UK seaside town of Lymington, which led her to begin playing the stages of London.

Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams, Carley Varley fuses elements of pop and indie music to express her catchy and authentic sound.

The latest single by Carley Varley, and final single from her EP, ‘Seasons’, ‘Shore’, was inspired by an experience of watching two friends on the verge of breaking up in their relationship.

“There are many break up songs, I wanted to write about a couple working hard in their relationship and trying to make things work” Carley Varley

The track is a pop inspired song, built on the sound of Ukelele and featuring the stunning and emotive vocals of Carley with harmonies that send the song soaring.

You can listen to ‘Shore’ below:

You can find more of Carley Varley at

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