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On Apple Music Reviews, we add new Indie music every week on our Discover page to help listeners find new music! Each week we choose 3 featured artists that we think deserve more recognition! Each artist page contains links to listen to their music on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, and you can also listen directly from our site!

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On our Official Blog, we post interviews with artists, indie music reviews, poll results, music news, Apple Music top charts, and much more music related content. Since posts on Instagram don’t allow for more in depth content, we post exclusive content that can’t been seen anywhere else here.

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Think you’re an expert on your favorite artist? Test your knowledge in one of our Music Quizzes! We post new quizzes weekly, and we take requests! We like to make the questions difficult, so you may learn something new about your favorite artist. If you do well on a quiz, post your score on Instagram and tag @applemusicreviews to be featured on our story!

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Curious to see which Quizzes or Songs have been played the most over the last 30 days on Apple Music Reviews? Head over to the Top Charts page!

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