Alex Sladge: a new star rising. Check out his new amazing album “Red noise from my room”

“I use a 20 groszy polish coin in stead of a regular guitar pick because it gives a new sound. The coin is metal and grinded on the side and therefore I can feel the strings much better.”

Alex Sladge makes his own art

The album is named after the song “Red noise from my room ” a song where Alex exposes his feelings and struggles with setbacks. The songs marks Alex’s impressive vocals and guitar skills and talent for lyric writing: “Time is passing by but I’m still stuck. Was I just another lonely noise to them?” At the end of the song Alex takes his guitar and soars to the stratosphere and back with it. The guitar solo cries out straight from the heart. The drums are exquisite and set the tone.

Alex Sladge’s sound is defined by raw emotions and combines the old and new rock styles. One of the songs that really stands out is “Rotten meat“. The lyrics are telling a crime story of a man who is in love with the woman who is also his drug lord boss.

In the song the main character gets the money WITHOUT delivering the drugs. When he comes to the women injured and asking for help, she kisses him befores she betrayes him and shoots him in the head.

“Hey you! Here is your stuff. Now I need a doctor! She kissed my lips and I fell in love… Right before she pulled the trigger.”

The Alex Sladge band consists of three handsome and talented Italian guys: Alex Sladge (Alessio Mazza) (lead vocals, lead guitars) Lou Cozzarius (guitars) and Francesco Amsterdam (drums)

When asked what Alex Sladge’s musical influences are, he mentiones his heroes “Van Halen, Queen, Social Distortion, Mika and many cartoon themes from his childhood”.

“The beautiful thing about making this album was that I felt free to challange myself through different kinds of music and it feels amazing. I love to invent stories along with the music. Santana said it best: When you play music, you bring light into the darkness.”

What is remarkable about Alex that he is multi talented. Besides musics he also makes his own art which acompany his songs. His art is characterized by cartoon theme and dramatic colors, often alarming red and black or depressing blue.

The album cover “Red noise from my room”

One of his most popular songs “Summer” is a song that you HAVE to check out. A rock ballad that is characterized by a faster beat, raw emotional guitar which lifts you into a good mood no matter what season it is.

Do you really care” is a slower emotional ballad that describes the end of a relationship. A relatable ballad to listen to on a rainy day while reminiscing about a lost love.

Alex Sladge

Alex is a stubbern guy who doesn’t give up. During the recording of his song “Red Noise” his computer crashed and he lost a lot of his a lot of his material.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I cried for hours and I was near the point of giving up everything. But then I just got myself together and made everything again from scratch. Eventually the song came out even better than before.

Alex Sladge is available on “Apple Music” as well as “Spotify” and on “Youtube“.

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